Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart* Maintenance Section

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Photo shown is of one of our past maintenance facilities. As of Oct 2009 we have moved most of our maintenance ops into a new 10,000 sq. ft. hangar located at the Dolphin Aviation Center at Sarasota - Bradenton (SRQ) Airport in Florida. Check out our web site disclaimer prior to ordering any parts, mods, or services.

Typically our inventory consists of 15-25+ M20's either kept inside hangars such as this, or nearby.

With over 32 years of combined maintenance experience, and Coy's 20+ years as The Mooney Mod Pioneer, we pride ourselves as perhaps: THE MOST EXPERIENCED Mooney Maintenance & Mod Organization in the world; Bar None!

No job is too comprehensive, even if it requires disassembly and trucking to our gorgeous, high-tech, and well equipped Mooney specialty facility

(*Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart is an independent organization not associated with Mooney Aircraft Inc.)

No Job Is Too Big!

Major Insurance Repairs.

This 201 is undergoing wing and fuselage skin repairs which necessitated the transportation of this M20 to our facility via truck! No doubt this M20J will soon be better than new featuring numerous OEM Factory Speed Mods, Whisper Soundproofing, New Custom Paint and Leather Interior, and a super smooth High Performance Ported/Flow Balanced Engine!


Click on the photos to the right to see how this M20J looks now!

Our Award Winning craftsmanship is OEM factory quality or better!

Or Too Small...

Common Wing Skin Replacement

This Mooneys outboard wing skin was replaced repairing a small dent (see insert), but it also afforded the owner the opportunity to install our newer style M20K F/Glass Wing Tip Mod at the same time. Photo is of mod in progress and actual F/Glass tip is not yet installed.

See our section below on Paintless Dent and Hail Repairs before you make any repairs to your Mooney!


Annual Inspections and Expert Maintenance. Being perhaps the largest Mooney Mod and Marketing Center in the U.S., we probably inspect more Mooneys than anyone!

Remember: Above all, don't let someone else learn on your Mooney. Besides, in the long run, our shop is probably more economical anyway.

Custom Embroidered Calfskin Interior, better than new!

Speaking of M20 corrosion repairs & Inspections.

rusty side

We are also most experienced in repairing and (just as importantly) preventing the dreaded 4130 fuselage tubular rusting/corrosion primarily due to leaking windows and doors etc. This problem is especially prevalent in M20's which are stored outside (not protected), and still having the old style fiberglass insulation installed.

Sadly, this major problem is largely preventable by occasionally properly leak-checking all the fuselage glass (after removing all interior Royalite etc.) and re-sealing suspect poorly sealed windows on a regular basis by a Mooney Savvy Mechanic.

For example, this Mooney developed spar cap corrosion requiring wing spar cap replacement, partial re-skinning, and (as you can see), removal of entire wing assay. We strongly recommend regular fogging with a product such as Corrosion X (or even Boeshield T-9 etc.) to avoid typical corrosion damage.

Note: This is the problem Mooneys Service Instruction M20-208A&B (8/18/89) refers to as being mandatory. See various back issues of AVIATION CONSUMER Magazine for more information on preventing and stopping airframe corrosion as researched by Coy Jacob.

Actual Current Examples of Mooney Fuselage 4130 Severe Tubular Corrosion Click on the 3 thumbnail photos below (Incl. the one above), for larger dramatic actual photos of moderate to severe (structurally penetrated) rusty 4130 fuselage tubes on a M20J/201.


This problem is preventable with:

  1. Proper initial M20 208 Inspections
  2. Installing the new style 208 insulation and our Whisper Soundproofing Mod
  3. Regularly leak-checking and repairing leaking windows prior to the problem getting this severe!
Note: This particular 1979 M20J/201 was stored inside since 1988.

Better Than New Insurance Repair/Rebuilds

Talk to us before you join the ranks of sad eyed Mooney owners who contacted us after they had settled with their insurance company and repairs done!

Besides being the home of our World Famous OEM factory modifications, STC's, and our amazing Mooney Renaissance Packages (namely for experienced M20's)
We specialize in better than new insurance repairs and restorations (usually) including being able to install our popular OEM Factory F/Glass Belly Mod when doing gear-up repairs usually at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Sadly many a Mooney owner has learned of our ability to make Mooneys better than before TOO LATE, after other shops (or their local A&P) have made stock repairs! Remember, at little or no extra charge when repairing gear-up's (for example), and various other insurance repairs we can add mods or various up-dates at little or no extra charge. Amazingly, many times when doing repairs, even some major OEM mods can be incorporated within the repair process at little or no extra charge so your damaged or incident involved Mooney can actually be worth more and be a better aircraft AFTER our repairs, than prior.

CLICK HERE for prices on popular maintenance procedures.

Affordable Paintless Dent and Hail Repairs Ailerons, Fuselage and Wing Top Skins etc.

hail damage hail damage hail damage

Average M20 Aileron Light/Moderate Hail Repair: $375+/-
(Compares to typical $1,400+ replacement)

Most all shops resort to replacing expensive and hard to get skins and/or using bondo to make cosmetic repairs to typical hangar rash and hail damage. We have special tools and techniques which (once we gain access to both sides of the metal) can be used on most, if not all such damages at less than 1/2 what most shops typically charge. Our repairs are permanent, and do not use any filler or bondo. Many minor and moderate hail damage and hangar rash repairs can be facilitated While U Wait and do not require costly paint touch-up!

You can ship us your ailerons and control surfaces for fast turn-around-, or bring your Mooney in to our shop. Often times, minor to moderate repairs can be made same day w/advance appointment. Satisfaction is guaranteed or you pay nothing but R&R labor of the affected part(s) or component(s).
Note: Compare to typical alieron skin replacement and re-paint @ $900-1,100+/- each.

Take a minute to check with us on all insurance and damage repair situations. Many a Mooney (money) tear was shed needlessly simply because the owner didn't take the time to call the experts.

Mooney FuelTankologists

Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart Is Also Home Of The Mooney FuelTankologists.

We estimate that there are only a handful of Mooney shops in the U.S which approach our experience level when it comes to Mooney tanks. Besides complete strip and re-seals, we also specialize in expert (economical) fuel tank repairs. Unique to our shop, we have designed and utilize our own fuel cell test equipment which guarantees every Mooney leaves our shop leak and even seep free. Many times, we find a professional repair can save otherwise good tanks and consequently save you thousands in the process.

Don't Let Someone Else Learn On Your Mooney's Fuel Tank System.

Let our Fueltankologist Guarantee Your Tanks Leak Free; the first time!

We welcome you and your Mooney to drop in anytime, but urge you to bring a camera and perhaps your swimming suit, golf clubs or fishing poles, and an appetite! World class tropical beaches and memorable waterfront eateries are just a stroll away!

We see to it that our owners are never subject to: Maintenance Invoice Shock

No Surprise's Written Price Guarantee.

Being a Mooney owner for over 25 years myself personally, I know how aggravating it is to pick up or retrieve your aircraft from a maintenance shop only to find that (even though possibly justified), your anticipated bill has nearly doubled (or worse) w/out your having any input, forewarning, or even your consultation! I promise it won't happen here.

Unlike most all other shops and A & P's in the U.S., (upon request), we will gladly provide a Guaranteed Written Estimate of all work you have ordered while clearly stating that no extra or additional work will commence w/out your specific authority if said original scope of work and/or charges exceeds said initial written estimate by 10 to 15% max.

We will provide you (via fax) or E Mail, a special written Heads Up Notice requesting your approval and signature, if we find your maintenance or mod invoice will result in an increase (labor or parts) exceeding 10% more than the original amount initially contracted.