#114MM: M20L/M Porsche/TLS Wing And Quartz Rec. Lights

In this Mod we use all Mooney Factory parts and while duplicating the original M20L PFM/L Porsche/TLS installation. We craft the needed factory parts to the stock M20 series wing, which duplicates the appearance of the M20L wing. The two additional lights are wired separately from the original ldg lights, and may be configured as landing lights, taxi lights, or both. Note; The Pulse Light™ flashing lights are a popular option as well as the high intensity Quartz Recognition or runway edge lights in wing tips which can serve as additional illumination in landing.

#114MM: MOONEY M20L PFM STYLE WING MOUNTED LANDING LIGHTS: Per wing, Installed $3,295.00+/-
Options: Precise Flight Pulse Lights-One system $695.00+/-

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